27 May 2008

Hey! I'm a producer

Dear Friends,

How would you like to start your day with an exciting new mantra? "I'm a young dude and I get girls. I do what I do and I'm a producer."

Due my current station in my life, I thought it appropriate to bestow a new title on myself:

Being a producer is about entitlement and status. The antithesis would be dis' espect. According to Paul Brian:
The hip-hop subculture has revived the use of “disrespect” as a verb. In the meaning to have or show disrespect, this usage has been long established, if unusual. However, the new street meaning of the term, ordinarily abbreviated to “dis,” is slightly but significantly different: to act disrespectfully, or—more frequently—insultingly toward someone. In some neighborhoods “dissing” is defined as merely failing to show sufficient terror in the face of intimidation. In those neighborhoods, it is wise to know how the term is used; but an applicant for a job who complains about having been “disrespected” elsewhere is likely to incur further disrespect . . . and no job. Street slang has its uses, but this is one instance that has not become generally accepted.
To learn about being a producer, please view the following link:
Thank you for your attention.

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