27 May 2008

Samples of arguments for and against the producer

Too good to pass up. First: posts from Gawker.com against poking fun at the producer.

flossy at 05:14 PM on 05/22/08
Uh, what? It's better to publicly humilate this guy than Emily or Julia because unlike them, he doesn't want the attention? Just because you dislike the navel-gazing/attention-whoring ways ways of our home-grown web 2.0 celebrities (and yeah, it bores me too) doesn't make it okay to pull out the sharp knives for someone who stumbled ass-backwards and completely unintentionally into his internet fame.
I mean, I get it--dude has poor taste in clothes, more money than sense (and not much of either), poor grammar and a spotty understanding of our legal system. Hilarious! Almost as hilarious as watching Gawker's "creative underclass" turn on some nobody whose education isn't up to our liberal-arts-college standards. Oh, wait, that's not funny.

Ouch. He's right, you know.
AndSheSaid at 07:44 PM on 05/22/08
It may be that Shuttershades is a decent guy who doesn't deserve this treatment. If so then this may in fact teach him a valuable lesson:
If you look like a moron, speak like a moron, and act like a moron, then people will think you are a moron.
To the people saying that we shouldn't make fun of him for how he speaks I say bullshit. He should not be mocked for his accent, but for adopting speech that is idiotic.
Yes the NYC public school system is a disaster but that still isn't an excuse. He has cultivated a certain image that is based sexism and stupidity.
Maybe this mockery will make him realize that he may want to reconsider how he presents himself. Not to mention how he attracts women (money fans? really?). I doubt it. But I think it is perfectly reasonable to call him on it.
Most of the time we allow guys like this to get away with being idiots. It is considered mean (and even worse -- "elitist") to tell them to grow up and behave like a civilized human being.
This kind of behavior is excused and even encouraged. We live in a culture where a president is celebrated for being a "man of the people" because he deliberately mispronounces words and appears to be incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence on his own.
Speaking knowledgably is seen as a form of snobbery. And insisting on people behaving intelligently is seen as elitist.
I appreciate the fact that Gawker is one of the few places where such elitist snobs are allowed to talk back to -- and have at least have as much of a voice as -- d*bag morons.

No more posts on the producer.

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