01 January 2009

Thanks to Paris Hilton for making me think on New Year's Day.

I have a little bit of self-importance, and I like to think I do important work with important people, so it should follow that we talk about important things. Like Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton. Chances are, Paris will never know who CageyJG is. That's o.k., he can live with himself.

Other self-important people like to endorse people or things to inflate their own self-importance.
That's the difference between people like that and Paris Hilton. In fact, Cagey JG's going to come out and say he supports Paris Hilton after the sum of two memorable events convinced him.

First, Paris had a number of somewhat infamous events in the public eye. The most impressive of the former events were when she went on the offensive against Sen. McCain's mockery of her in a video that you can Google yourself. (If I were paid to make this site, I might imbed a video for you.) This move was highly unexpected and a great bit of P.R. for the young princess who has suffered many blows to her credibility (but not her ego) due to her ostentatious public displays. She has shown us her willing to rub with the common folk by starring unashamed in an parody of sex-appeal in advertising - ad - for a sloppy hamburger commercial (and making me hungry). In another ephemeral moment of t.v. majesty, she cried when being dragged off to the county clink, showing us her humanity.

Second, and most recently, Paris went on an Australian Shopping Spree and defended herself most decisively when challenged by the less charitable element.

"I'm in Australia, I think it's important to help out, you know, the economy out here, everywhere in the world. And what's wrong with doing a little shopping? It's New Year's, I need a New Year's dress," she told reporters.

Makes sense to me. It is this DGAF moment which made me swell up with pride inside for our little darling. I know the economy's down, but what is a young heiress to do? Give away all her earnings to charity and get nothing back for it? She might get a little praise, but when all the money is gone, did that praise get her a job, a place to live? No, but at least she put the media and gawkers in their places. Q.E.D., Paris, Q.E.D.

This was clearly another attempt to demonize her, a celebrity, which Paris is resisting well: Because for some reason we must tear down people who aren't like us. So for a swift common-sense retaliatory kick in the nuts to the media hordes, I endorse you Paris, and thank you for doing something important.

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