25 May 2009

Summer '09 an '80s Tour de Force

Update (September '09):

G.C.P.A.S. Ratings:

Terminator Salvation: 9/10 - a must see. Chilling, great effects, great visual impact.

Transformers 2: 5/10 - overly juvenile. Do not see.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra: 7 - Entertaining if you can get over the casting of Duke, his over-the-top redneck screen presence and his crappy non-sequitur goatee.

As if there were any question before as to the cultural supremacy of the 1980s, these featured summer releases all speak to a greater time, a time with good causes and a compass. Hollywood has either run out of ideas, or its idea pool is now dominantly Gen X (1970s births) and acknowledging that we've arrived at a new "dark ages." That's why they turned every former SNL skit into a movie, then the last few years gave every superhero his own movie, and now are going to 80s lore.

Terminator Salvation (PG-13). Opened Memorial Day weekend. Turned out to be a spectacular addition (finale?) to the series nobody was sure would become a classic. I can't imagine why anyone would be skeptical as to the juggernaut box office potential this film may have. Terminator 2 (1991) topped out all records for the time (on production costs AND take) and the new installment thrilled effortlessly. Sat right in the front row and nursed a 36 oz. mug of Bud Light and the post-apocalyptic (another tip of my hat to 80s flair) filled my entire field of vision. High praise is due the production elements e.g. sound production: phenomenal - favorite scene was the fight vs. the giant mech from the gas station, no thumping soundtrack, just the tinnitic whine of deadly machinery on a rampage. Some corners may have been cut in linking T3 to present, and other background stories (a more technical story on the Skynet intel would have been nice), but the same cold, alone-in-the-dark feeling of previous Terminators was out in force. Bonus: Nice cameo appearance by ??? . (Can't tell you.)

Other items of note:
Terminator Salvation: opened June, 2009.
Transformers 2 opened June 24th, 2009.
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra opens August 2009.

Other items of note:

Goonies sequel in the works? http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=24625

Police 2009 tour: First tour in 20-something odd years from a genius band. Details limited, a few metropolitan shows that sold out in five minutes

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