26 May 2009

Meet Julia Dales, World Beatbox Wildcard Champion

This girl is AMAZING, a true mimic. Kills anything I used to do in grade school. She reminds me of a guy I saw on a PBS documentary that wanted to learn how to sing in two octaves at once and thus travelled to some outback tribe to learn the technique. JULIA should be the one on the documentary, not that clown. She not only has the ability to overlay drums over a primary melody; she syncopates, speeds up to 160+ b.p.m., slows it down, even sings, all while keeping the drums going. My favorite part was the change in tones on the "wood blocks" between 00:14 and 00:22. In fourth grade we would've even referred to her as an alien beat-box. 10.0!

Yo' beets iss FINE! This site is an official Julia Dales fan.

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