04 September 2009

80s video of the month: Johnny and Mary

Struggling, why, oh why couldn't I remember the name?

.......................Something I can't put my finger on

Set in motion a series of thoughts and flashes

That somehow had me humming the bars to

One truly rad 80s song today

Outside a pet store?!

Of all unlikely places

Until I was home

And I knew


Relieving the iconic Tina Turner, uncontested for several months with the extended anthem of "We Don't Need Another Hero" ( "Thunderdome"), is Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary."

Robert Palmer, 1949-2003, like many of the legendary 1980s musicians, was a dressy, Britain-born performer who uniquely epitomized New Wave style and jazzy swagger. He did this perhaps most memorably in "Simply Irresistible," the music video (in the dawn of the video era) capitalizing on the pastel red, black and alluring flourishes often associated with Patrick Nagel and the general artistic zeitgeist of the time.

Please see this excellent online bio: http://www.biographybase.com/biography/Palmer_Robert.html


"Thunderdome": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TViZKt-AX6E

Fare thee well, great diva Tina.

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