26 October 2009


Genteel readers,

I. My PC is in the hospice thus no recent posts. How have you been? Here's what's on my mind:

- What are we going to do about Afghanistan?
- How much will be the final bid on the motorized La-Z-Boy seized from the intoxicated driver?

II. I owe my mentors phone calls. The revered author Maj. Gene Duncan and I have a friend in common, which was revealed quite unexpectedly. It's important to respond when serendipity comes your way.

- I am grateful for my friend Scott, a voice of wisdom in my life transition. "Required for this afternoon/evening: Cagey is a highly skilled, successful, and largely mysterious professional who has worked in very spooky arenas for the past decade. Now you need to let the lion out of the cage some and let him prowl around like he owns his future fully. Seriously, as dumb as it sounds you will find yourself being much more optimistic and much happier if you start actually acting this out regularly."

He recommended: 1) Rocky Patel Cigar (Vintage 1990 or 1992) (2) Stylish sunglasses (3) Leather jacket (time to have a "smoking jacket"). It is time to re-brand. Once all parts are assembled, I'm to start road touring and introducing the car and jacket to the aromatic cigar, and me to a better attitude than of late.

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.

III. Golf:

- My golf game needs help on every part of the swing beyond 90 degrees off the ground.

IV. Quotes of the week. It can take an external view to see our foibles. Jeremy Clarkson:

"So far we’ve looked at the problem in America of power without responsibility. Step out of the loop, do something unusual and you’ll encounter a wall of low-paid, low-intellect workers whose sole job is to prevent their bosses from being sued. As a result, you never hear anyone say: 'Oh I’m sure it’ll be all right.'"

"Then you’ve got New Orleans, which, nearly a year after Katrina, is still utterly smashed and ruined. Now I’m sorry but insects can build shelter on their own. Birds can build nests without a state handout. So why are the people of Louisiana sitting around waiting for someone else to do the repairs? I tried to help out. I tried to give a car I’d been using to a Christian mission. But I was threatened with legal action because the car in question was a 91 and not the 98 that had allegedly been promised. A very angry woman accused me of “misrepresentation”."

"Among the things I don’t like is the way everyone over 15 stone now moves about in a wheelchair. As a result, it takes half an hour to get through even the widest door."

Michael Savage: is a master storyteller.

Michael Savage can't get a new pair of sunglasses after his fell overboard from his boat; he was worried he'd lose his hat, or some other item, and "splash." Fast-forward. LensCrafters won't sell him a pair without an eye review - his last "expired." I understand the frustration. Let's remember what Mr. Clarkson said: " Step out of the loop, do something unusual and you’ll encounter..."

Savage: "You're not stupid, you're a grown man, you just get the prescription filled. In Mexico - they don't need a genius to stick a needle up their behind to tell them what they need. 'Si, senor,' and that's it."

V. I realize I often like things that I never thought I would.

- Mushrooms: I am allergic to mold and I used to think 'shrooms were unholy parasites, like Metroids. Now I realize how fantastic they are on pizza and in pot roasts. Rich and nutty, they impart the flavor of the earth into your food. If you want to feel closer to the earth and savoir faire in the kitchen, I can't imagine a happier complement to these foods.

- Ballcaps: I was a head covering snob for a long time. Ballcaps: They look dumb with uniforms, and they're not very sophisticated. Why can't people wear fedoras or other kinds of hats more commonly? Like flannels and cell phones, I resisted them for so long, but find them convenient for messy hair, and hiding my eyes, which makes me feel - impenetrable I guess

VI. Heaven on Earth

That would be Yamazaki 18 year old whiskey. Rated an impeccable 97 points by the Beverage Testing Institute, and awarded their platinum award in 2006, Yamazaki 18 is sublime. "Superlative." Tasting notes: "Amazingly complex and deep. Color: Copper Gold. Aroma: Estery, Honey, Strawberry. Body: Full bodied. Taste: Spicy, cherry-like tones, marmalade, butter cream, honey. Finish: Long, fruity, pleasantly dry.

VI. Film recommendation: Paris, Je T'aime

Effective mise en scene. Easily found in the foreign films section at Blockbuster (gasp), I found this collection of vignettes from different directors and bouroughs compelling and beautiful. Not going to write a full-blown review tonight, but it was nice to return to the city of love. Liked the Oscar Wilde story best. Love stories when the setting is so thematically important, more than just a backdrop but something strived for, a cinematic or literary extension of soul that imparts sense of place, that has the capability to transport the viewer/reader elsewhere. The actors stirring in the city come alive on the canvas. Memphis - "Mystery Train." Barcelona -"Barcelona" (obviously) - some of my favorite examples. Interestingly enough, did see one review comparing the film to Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (who incidentally, produced "Mystery Train").

Sample review: http://www.bloggernews.net/111507
(I'm looking for a deep critical analysis, if anyone has seen, please post to comments)

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