11 October 2009

Kanye West meme still fresh in recent memory

Have I covered this already?

You've already suffered enough from a "me first, me victim" upbringing and thought you received enough notoriety saying that "George Bush hates black people," but that wasn't enough. So all 225 lbs. of you leaps on stage at a nationally televised awards show, and rips the microphone away from a waifish teenaged lady receiving her first award. You do the unthinkable, swaggering around and then saying, "I'mma let you finish," but your friend Beyonce, "had the best video of all time." Lo and behold, the president himself later called you "a jackass." What do you do next?

1. You become an internet meme. http://www.zmemusic.com/other/kanyes-imma-let-you-finish-meme-425975/

2. You don't show up for the BET music awards, where of course despite your lunacy, you were still nominated for nine awards. http://music-mix.ew.com/2009/10/11/kanye-west-bet-awards/

3. Where are you, anyway?

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