08 October 2009

Presenting the most annoying trends of the 1990s

I woke up this morning remembering how much I disliked several 1990s trends in which:

- People on t.v. (Jay Leno - top offender) were CLEANING OUT THEIR EARS with their pinky fingers! Some sort of nervous tic? I promise you I'm not making this up - I became very keenly attuned to this awful trend and alarms in my head came alive upon seeing it, screaming in outrage and fury.

It would require countless hours of research, but I promise you I remember seeing Leno do it, and I think Letterman and others followed suit. Disgusting! "Thingamajigs scratch where Thingamajigs itch."  (Source: The Thingumajig Book of Manners by Irene Keller) [LINK]
- Runner-up: People sitting in their chairs backwards.  Eschew good graces!  Cast them away!  You're too cool, you're making a STATEMENT with your command pose! 

- Honorable mention: People doing that thing where they'd flex their suspenders, especially on NBC, and Urkel from Family Matters. You people are all terrible, terrible human beings!

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