02 January 2010

The great ski movies of the late 80s and early 90s

High comedy and pointed drama.

Ski School (1991)

Everybody likes the charm of '90s fluffy eyebrows guy.

Ski Patrol (1989)

Trypticon skier & lotsa snowbunnage.

Watch the outstanding 2002 "Asspen" South Park parody/homage to the 80s ski genre (I was dying when they started playing a-ha and Cartman jumped in some wretched scatological practical jokes):

Finally, take a look at this commentary on the awesome script formula:

And don't forget to see 2009's "Hot Tub Time Machine" with 80s LEGEND William Zabka (a.k.a. "Johhny" from Karate Kid).  Oh, and with John Cusack (famous '80s boombox guy).

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: Movie Trailer - Watch more top selected videos about: Movie_Trailers

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