31 March 2010

Laura Ingraham "pwns" Matt Lauer

In this instance, I'm choosing to focus on the negative aspects of what I see in a news clip.  I see a little champion, Laura Ingraham, rocking and socking a talking head like toy robots in a ring.  Matt Lauer can easily brush it off though: he has enough protective padding from all the cutesy adoration he's stuffed himself with from years of being up in front of his smiling street props with placards.  First, watch this video.

Add this clip right up there in the annals of our "bad, and other" journalistic history, from yellow journalism to Fairness Doctrination to FCC Diversity Czar-ing.  If you ever needed an introduction to the shameful, utterly biased state of leftist journalists in sheeps' clothing, Matt Lauer shows he's just towing the company line of Journalism Inc., albeit he's one of the most prominent representatives of his network NBC - his naked culpability at the end of the interview is palpable, his cutesyness is peeling.

I think an intelligent audience needs to ask an important follow-on question:  Is there no longer an expectation that our free media impart "neutrality" in its approach to reporting?  Clear the logical slate:  I'm not talking about extremes, such as "How do we differentiate between good and evil?" or so on and so forth down the spectrum of American norms, nor do I mean we scrutinize this as simply left vs. right (which it may be).

However, videos like this can easily be thrown onto the heap of evidence suggesting that a level of caution is necessary for casual - ALL - information consumers, lest we run away believing the overwhelming message transmitted from the mainstream media that the sway and direction of popular conservative thought in America is destructive.

Lauer: "Laura, let's face it, the negative comments go both ways."

Ingraham: "Yeah, but you guys only report it if it comes from the supposed right-wing.

Plain, completely shameless bias from national news.  Not any bias of a good kind, anyway. 

From the Media Research Center

(Begin quote)

Conservative talk show hostess Laura Ingraham during a Monday appearance on The Today Show, charged Matt Lauer of bias after a setup piece rhetorically asked if Palin gets “people too riled up?”
Ingraham responded, “How do you go from Sarah Palin giving a speech to saying did she rile up the people too much and then talk about death threats? I think that kind of reporting, really is what drives people crazy about the dinosaur media.”

When Lauer asked if there was too much “vitriol” and “intimidation” from both sides, Ingraham refused to back down, charging that MSNBC is the one stoking that vitriol. “We have people on your cable channel saying really hateful things about conservative commentators and politicians.
(End quote)

P.S., Don't be so damn glib, Matt.

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