30 March 2010

Cagey's listening to

FIVE STARS: New contender for video of the year: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder rap by The Infidel - playing on a continuous loop at Cagey's Inner Sanctum. 

The Infidel's bio: LINK

Brilliant artist, looking forward to hearing much more from this lyrical mastermind.

Time to set the record straight, call BS when I see it

Shed light on the half wits who want us defeated
All because of an illness too hard to eradicate
It’s Liberalism, the mental disorder a sad state
Of mind, impervious to common sense and reason
To them, nothing is out of line everything is in season

Right or wrong makes no difference to them
If it feels good do it so I have to keep my distance from them
Cus they’re out of the mainstream but they say that I am
Because I love my country and the God of Abraham

Damn, sham after sham they pull to get the prize
They come equipped with the wool to cover your eyes
Then infiltrate the schools, courts and churches
Undermining American values while filling their purses
Cus it takes money to fool the masses
So I wrote this in the form of conservative X-ray glasses
[Chorus] Far from reason, common sense and intellect
Proper mindset total lack of respect for vets
And Christ ain’t nice, totally out of order
Liberalism, the mental disorder

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