11 October 2011

Article: The BBC fails (to understand the Tea Party movement)

   A perspective looking outside-in can always be useful to pry us free from our customary sources.  Look how every aspect of life is now micro-managed in Britain (see 'Nanny State' at right), then look back to the U.S.  Then "wash, rinse, repeat." 


The British generally and the BBC in particular have a real problem understanding the obsessive suspicion in which the power of central government is held in the US. This is not some funny redneck eccentricity: it is fundamental to the Constitution which gives individual states much greater sovereignty than the countries of the European Union enjoy.
   Source: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/janetdaley/100052632/the-bbc-completely-fails-to-understand-the-tea-party-movement/

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