22 March 2012

Flotsam and jetsam

Just a few notes.  Drove myself to the doctor this a.m., made the mistake of tuning into NPR.  Today's topic?  Standard NPR white people talking about [white] racism in the U.S..  Some overzealous neighborhood watch chairman shot a black person, which is no doubt a tragedy - had heard mention made very briefly in the news last week. Allegedly, this was racism, or at least NPR's roundtable wished to perpetuate that.  What a great way to start the day:  Let's start the day with some "progressive" white guilt and keep beating that drum of disunity and disharmony.

For added good measure, the fart-snifting liberal femme summed up her feelings stating,
"Blah blah racist blah racist blah blah SEXIST TOO." 


The new desk working name is "The Desk of High-Minded Indignation."


Have lived in the same home for a number of years and in the midst of my average subtopian life, have watched kids sprout up quickly. (Do I change as well?)?  The kid two doors down apparently started JROTC and was explaining this to his friends while on the way home from school.  LT Poopers and I passed and complimented him on his uniform.  That has to feel good for him, and I've done my good deed for the day.  I've also done my small part to keep Communism and Islamo-fascism on uneasy footing.


As I learn more of
  • Economies, 
  • Economic liberalization and the
  • Non-Aligned Movement, of
  • Critiques and praise for international financial institutions
  • and Agreements, 
  • People protesting WTO (and not knowing why), 
  • China booming and U.S. bailing,
  • Cities like Detroit failing due to mismanagement and ... liberalism,  
  • Public[?!] vs. private unions (go, Gov. Christie!)
  • Unfirable federal and state bureaucrats
  • the Difficulty of creating business
  • the Overabundance of regulation (in the waiting room, I watched a newsman on the boob tube apply for a permit to sell lemonade in NY)  Check out REGULATION NATION, here: (LINK)
  • the Mediocrity of the wealthy Republican candidate with nice hair and a big bankroll
I feel like I'm achieving a slow epiphany that things might get worse before they get better here.

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