21 March 2012

Where have I been lately?  Where have YOU been!  Ladies and gents, I've been manning the Desk of Doom, or the Desk of Recondite Ramblings (working title for my very own "Resolute Desk" - can't wait to settle on the right name), reading and writing until my eyes become very bleary.  This no t.v. thing is working out quite well, however, I will stop short of arguing that it's left a vacuum of distractions.

Still, it's good news to me that more and more Americans are cutting their umbilical - they're getting rid of cable once and for all.

When I went to limited basic, the bare bones of what they will allow, of 24 total channels, 4 were home shopping, 4 were public access, one was Oprah, and the rest just crap (with the exception of TBS, and I liked local news).

Clark Howard on his radio program last week mentioned that 5.1M Americans have ditched their crap cord.  That's a significant percentage of people fed up with vapid programming, indicative of a potential new wave of hold-outs resisting the itinerant media culture.  People are reporting savings of ~$600 -$1200 yearly, no small potatoes.


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