27 July 2012

Domestic Balkanization as well as changing world will confront Mitt and Condi

I like Condi, think she would make a great choice for VP.  I'll never forget when she absolutely crushed a few loons - believe it was during her testimony before the 9/11 Commission - out to damn the Bush Administration.  People were on a bandwagon to criticize the thought/decision process to go to Iraq, notably Bush's former CT Advisor, Richard Clarke.  The Administration initially declined to allow fmr Nat'l Sec. Advisor Rice to testify, citing executive privilege, then reversed itself.  And unleashed her. 

Take a look at her in action in 2011:  http://townhall.com/video/condi-schools-odonnell-on-the-war-on-terror (Interviewer Lawrence O'Donnell is a misanthrope turd as a reporter, by the way.)

She is just out in a new opinion piece in the FT Times, rallying for American exceptionalism. 
Nice article, at least one with an optimistic message. 

However, as seen in the comments, it is undeniable that the next administration is going to have to work hard to get "this house in order" with as much and more emphasis than abroad.  And "domestic Balkanization" may be the nail on the head

Well, Ms. Rice has grand and noble aspirations for America and its people, but she fails to necessarily prioritize the Federal government activities when our finances and domestic balkanization has brought us to the brink of civil war.
We must first put our own house in order. That includes a return to fiscal sanity and Constitutional government. We can worry about the rest of the world when we no longer have to worry day to day about our own country's survival.

Ms. Rice is correct about our education system. It breeds ignorance, immorality, and liberalism, i.e., it is poisoning the civil ordered society with its defective and destructive influences on those we cram through it.

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