28 July 2012


From the comments to an article, "Amish Population Booms in U.S." (LINK)
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What a horror. Hardworking people who provide for themselves and their families. People who take responsibility for educating their children. Don't let this spread. These ideas could be a disaster for the Democrats who have worked so, so hard to teach the urban dwellers that they shouldn't be responsible for anything.

Two ideas for you: "tolerate or die" and "scale of convenience/to actualized reality."

Despite the size of the quote, so much is contained within that is loathsome to so-called progressives. When exposed to fact, they hiss, spit venom and melt. Despite a small sample size, note the domestic Balkanization inherent in 12 people 'liking' and 11 'disliking' this comment.  A few other telling comments on the article, "It's a cult,", "What do you do if you have no t.v., no cell phone, etc."
So you have this group, the Amish, that choose to withdraw insulate from the surrounding culture (informational and economic), build their own communities, farm, and so forth. Hey, that's not illegal.  On a sliding scale of convenience/actualization that moves from flint and tinder to the automatic-donut-feeder (Simpsons reference), it's not a huge logical leap to surmise the progressive "party of tolerance" would be the group that that doesn't appreciate the idea that someone would rock the boat, and is greatly suspicious of an entity that has self-removed from the path of its shrill propaganda vehicles. ("Tolerate or die.")  You duck the a wrecking ball of political correctness the first time, don't worry, it's swinging back.  Remove your Chick-fil-As from Chicago and Boston.

It is an implicit indictment of torn American values; the mere suggestion that the Democratic NEA may be culpable, the politics of victimization may be the norm, the handout society says, "Gimme," and that big journalism may frown on ideas like self-reliance, religion, community, morality being alien and even fulsome in the national fabric.

By the way, "You didn't build that."

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