03 July 2015

Article: Lynyrd Skynyrd and the culture wars

Popping up the 'scope for a quick looksee. Ah, the culture is smouldering.  We used to do a lot of politics here and trailed off.  Today, I'm posting three key articles on 1): What the hell is going on in the U.S.,  which prompts 2): Oh, political correctness.  Finally 3): What is cultural Marxism?

1. Please read about Lynyrd Skynyrd, the convenient distraction of the Confederate Flag from the rest of America's cultural conflagration ;in the Supreme Court.


"You grew up being taught to respect authority - and now the police and the military are increasingly coming under attack. Then-candidate Barack Obama mocked people who "cling to guns and religion". But you grew up around guns – both for hunting and protection. And you grew up attending church every Sunday. Now Christianity and guns are both under attack all of a sudden. Some are even suggesting Walmart shouldn't sell guns anymore."
Football - dangerous. Men = women as illustrated by Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair. The Justice Department wants people to use whichever restroom they feel their gender associates with on a given day. Health Care has been O-boweled, made unaffordable and is working to become the next U.K. or even Cuban system - foul, rife with hang-ups and bureau rats. Up is down, and someone putting in print that homosexuality is abnormal is grounds for destroying his reputation and livelihood.
2.  As discussed before, political correctness has been a deevolutionary force .

3. "What is Cultural Marxism?", another fine article by William S. Lind, explains its objective is:

"To criticize every traditional institution, starting with the family, brutally and unremittingly, in order to bring them down. It wrote a series of “studies in prejudice,” which said that anyone who believes in traditional Western culture is prejudiced, a “racist” or “sexist” of “fascist” - - and is also mentally ill."
So now, friends, I ask you, "What is your escape plan?"

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