06 October 2016

Should white people be able to be Chief Diversity Officers?

Today, I received an alumni e-mail from my alma mater, the great University of Missouri,  blemished in recent years by racial prejudice fomented by professor(s) and students, not aiding to any sort of good, but rather running quite contrary to good order and discipline. Only in America, a country which focuses on division rather than unity, could we now be hallmarked by prominent collegiate posts such as "Chief Diversity Officer."

In this very touchy post-modern age, quick to anger, and quick to label, tag and bag, this all throws a wrench commonly overlooked in the discourse of diversity.  That wrench is:  Should a white person be excluded from holding this kind of post?

If so, how does diversity truly contribute to this all-important keystone now securely upholding the tenets of university scholarship?

And what about diversity of thought?  Philosophically speaking, hould that not be the highest form of diversity?



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