23 July 2017

Emergency courtesy cards - why not?

The Japanese have done a magnificent job of putting together guidance for visitors that mainly contains, well, a refresher on common sense.

Don't climb cherry (sakura) trees.  Don't swim in sacred fountains. 

Chinese tourists are in a class all themselves, but on a recent trip to Guam, after looking over the safety card, I thought, "Why not make courtesy cards for everyday use?"

Paying customers, a.k.a. "fares", a.k.a. "cattle" have come in the news recently at the hands of angry stewards.  Fist-fights, brawling ensue, and not only the airlines' reputation has taken a severe plunge, but let's not forget about the casual tourist or everyday customer who is quick to point out minor deficiencies and quite austere in doing so, jumping over the counters to fight with front-line staff who aren't necessarily at fault for service mix-ups, but trying to do the best job they can in today's high-speed and taxed convenience society.

If you were to make a bell curve showing 10% of customers as extremely polite, 10% at the bottom representing the future prison population, and 80% at the middle - half of that number inclined to be patient and the other half quicker to anger, why not target that large 40% population with messaging that enhances one's awareness of what constitutes common courtesy?

More to follow.

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